Individual conference papers can be downloaded from the Hume Society website.

A document containing all papers can be downloaded here:
Proceedings of the 42nd Hume Society Conference 2015 (5158 Kb) .

Plenary sessions and panels will be held in lecture hall D8, parallel sessions in rooms E306 and E319, Södra Husen building, Frescati, Stockholm University Campus.

From 11:00 Registration
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13:30 - 15:00 Plenary session I

"Hume's intellectual biography: a new approach"
James Harris (St. Andrews)
Chair: R. Callergård
15:05 - 16:20 Parallel session I

E306: "Hume's fiction of Adam's knowledge: a historical approach", J-P Grima-Morales
Commentator: M. Boehm
Chair: C. Gaukroger

E319: "Hume on Love and Morality", E. Kroeker
Commentator: A. McIntyre
Chair: L. Besser
  c o f f e e
16:40 - 17:55 Parallel session II

E306: "Did Kant Address Hume on Induction?", K. Busch
Commentator: P. Thielke
Chair: T. Demeter

E319: "The Indefinability of Pride", G. Watts
Commentator: H. Qu
Chair: Å. Carlson

E487: "Hume's Under-Parts", P. Reed
Commentator: E. Frykholm
Chair: K. Axelsson
19:00 Reception at Stockholm City Hall, by invitation from the city of Stockholm
9:00 - 10:30 Plenary session II

"Value Judgements and Normative Standards of Assessment"
Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann (Uppsala)
Chair: Å. Carlson
  c o f f e e
10:50 - 12:05 Parallel session III

E306: "The Artificial Virtues of Thought: Normativity and Cognition in Hume", K. Schafer
Commentator: A. Waldow
Chair: G. Sayre-McCord

E319: "Hume on the Stoic Rational Passions and 'Original Existences'", J. Fisette
Commentator: L. Greco
Chair: T. Kunca
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13:30 - 14:45 Parallel session IV

E306: "Hume at La Flèche: Scepticism and the French Connection", D. Perinetti
Commentator: M. Spencer
Chair: L. Shapiro

E319: "Humean Constructivism and the Common Core", D. Dorsey
Commentator: W. Robison
Chair: J. Olson
14:50 - 16:05 Parallel session V

E306: "Descartes and Hume on Duration", D. Baxter
Commentator: A. Butler
Chair: M. Cruz Tleugabulova

E319: "Conventions and Factions in Hume's Political Philosophy", N. Mori
Commentator: R. Miner
Chair: M. De Seta
  c o f f e e
16:25 - 18:25

Theme panel I

Hume's Fictions and Fictionalism

"Imaginative Vivacity"
Amy Kind (Claremont)

"Mistakes and Fictions"
Saul Traiger (Occidental)

Commentator: Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg)
Chair: L. Shapiro

9:00 - 11:30 Author meets critic

Hume and Mandeville: Anatomists of Civil Society,
Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki)
Critics: A. Garrett, D. Raynor
Chair: H. Bohlin
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12:30 Excursion from Stadshuskajen to Drottningholm Palace
9:00 - 10:15 Parallel session VI

E306: "The Status of Mechanism in Hume's Account of Causal Power", A. Kuklok
Commentator: M. Slavov
Chair: M. Grober

E319: "Centaur Affections: the Connection Between the Indirect and the Direct Passions in Hume's Treatise", H. Inoue
Commentator: J. Taylor
Chair: A. Schmitter
  c o f f e e
10:35 - 11:50 Parallel session VII

E306: "Hume on the Unity of Spatial Composites", J. Hakkarainen
Commentator: D. Garrett
Chair: D. Kervick

E319: "Moralizing a Social Practice: The Obligation to Fulfill a Promise in Hume's Treatise", R. Cohon
Commentator: J. Corvino
Chair: A. Kauppinen
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- Lunch for mentoring workshop participants (J. Taylor) -
13:30 - 14:45 Parallel session VIII

E306: "What Makes a Character Trait an Epistemic Virtue?", E. Kelahan
Commentator: D. Simkovic
Chair: G. Todd

E319: "Machiavelli's 'Extremely Defective' Reasonings: Hume on Opinion, History, and Monarchy", M. Hanvelt
Commentator: J. Wei
Chair: J. Harris
14:50 - 16:05 Parallel session IX

E306: "Analogies in Natural Philosophy, Natural Theology, and Hume's 'Of a Particular Providence'", K. Durland
Commentator: E. Schliesser
Chair: J. Kivela

E319: "Temperament and Temperature", M. Watkins
Commentator: W. Lemmens
Chair: P. Van Brabandt
  c o f f e e
16:25 - 18:25

Theme panel II

Character and Self in Hume's Practical Philosophy

"The Evaluation of Character in the 'Conclusion' to Book 1 of Hume’s Treatise"
Donald Ainslie (Toronto)

"The Self as Social Agent"
Lorraine Besser (Middlebury)

Jane McIntyre (Cleveland)

Moderator: Lilli Alanen (Uppsala)

9:00 - 10:15 Parallel session X

E306: "The Role of the Natural History of Religion in Hume's Critique of Religious Belief", L. Goodnick
Commentator: A. Willis
Chair: A. Coventry

E319: "Hume on Personal Merit: Making Sense of EPM Appendix 4", R. Debes
Commentator: A. Vaccari
Chair: F. Svensson
  c o f f e e
10:35 - 11:50 Parallel session XI

E306: "Hume's Hermeneutic Fictionalism about Objects (and Selves)", R. Fry
Commentator: J. Cottrell
Chair: J. Retornaz

E319: "Without Gallantry and Without Jealousy: The Development of Hume's Account of Sexual Virtues and Vices", L. Falkenstein
Commentator: A. Schmitter
Chair: E. Kaila
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13:30 - 15:00 Plenary session III

Love of Humanity in Shaftesbury's Moralists and Hume's Treatise
Michael Gill (Arizona)
Chair: J. Olson
15:15 - 16:15 Hume Society Business meeting
18:00 Pre-drink at Mosebacke
(if weather allows)
19:30 Conference banquet at Djurgården